I am drawn to things of beauty. When I see a stunning landscape, a beautiful women, a pose or a gesture or even the subtle contrasting colours of leaves on a autumn day, a chord is plucked in my inner being. This deep harmonious and resonating chord that can only bring appreciation and joy is most satisfying. However my intention is not to just represent that beauty that I see around me. God has created his awesome masterpiece and I am not going to try and recreate such beauty but I can portray my feeling and appreciation using my own creative power.  I believe that an artist has the power to create in this deep way and it is this that elevates us and likens us to our creator. I want the viewer to understand what I am saying in my creations but also to be visually satisfied. A great piece of art communicates with the viewer It tells the story of what the creator was feeling, was exposed to or involved with at a specific time in history. It's and intellectual dialogue. I find the digital medium to be my choice of merging my emotions, intellect and creative spirit and producing pieces which I find pleasing. Digital art has great power at ones fingertips but also great responsibility and is governed by all the rules of creating true art. Perhaps there is too much power and the challenge is to step back, to finish and not touch a piece when it is time to do so. If anything this medium can lead to complexity, too much invasion of space and not enough simplicity. Make the statement and move away, move on to the next. As I write these words I am reminded of a phrase that I saw scribbled on a wall in a well known theatre complex in Durban. It went like this:

Don't seek yourself in the art, but the art in yourself?

This statement can lead to some self examination and I believe that all too often we as artists want the wow factor, wanting greatness in our work. Perhaps it's the competitive spirit which prevails. However true art happens for the sake of art and not glorification of one's self. What am I trying to say by this? Well simply that the art piece must speak for itself. To relentlessly strive for the wow factor is not art but personal glorification. Let the art piece speak for itself and if it is meant to it will wow when it is suppose to wow. Often time one's work does not lead to much but then suddenly something happens, there is a spark, a light and that one attempt out of so many is the one that succeeds.

In the same way that there is great beauty around us there is also a whole lot of ugliness and conflict. Can a true artist lock out the world and just create pretty pictures all day long? I really don't think so and for me if I had to chew on  life it would taste bitter sweet. The world is full of conflict and beauty. The year has its season, and how we love the spring after a long cruel winter. It is indeed bitter sweet after all how we can really enjoy the highs when we have experienced the lows. Life is a rich cake of experience and as an artist we have a voice to talk, maybe shout or scream about it.