Hello, my name is Mitya Sargeant and I am a digital artist living in Montagu. This beautiful small town is the gateway to the Klein Karoo, situated on the famous Route 62 and is surrounded by awesome mountains and quite simply is a delightful place to live and explore. But how did I get into digital art? It's a good question and I would have to take you back to when I worked in traditional methods such as water colour, oils and acrylics. Even when I worked using these traditional media I always felt the need to break rules, to go beyond the parameters of the medium and to explore happy accidents and the unusual.

I chose not to paint a realistic portrayal of what I saw but more an abstract approach was taken.The simple harmony of colour and shape or perhaps obvious disharmony seemed important. However after many years of playing and exploring I began to realize that the medium, what ever it was, would dictate the final outcome. For example the liquidity of the water colour would at first be quiet seductive having that reflective quality of wet paint on paper, however it would soon enough dry and leave a layer of paint which begged for more to be put on it. The colour changed and would continue to change as each layer is placed onto it. The malleability of the oils were also most appealing as the surface could be manipulated and polished. However lots of craftsmanship would be needed and another very important ingredient required, and that being patience. Each painting would have its own path that needed to be followed, often time not producing the results that I had hoped for. Going back and retracing ones steps would often be impossible. The result was to explore design ideas in a graphics program on the computer before attempting the final painting. A electronic sketch pad, if you like.

In those early days the graphic applications were limited but as the technology has improved and the processing power somewhat increased it is making it just so much easer to pick up a stylus and just create using the screen as you canvas. I find the power amazing, the freedom equally so. However rules of composition, colour and balance are still very important. How the eye moves around the picture, the subject mater the theme and how the artist captures time are all vital.